Nerf Blaster + Wiimote = The best toy ever?

This Nerf Wii Blaster combines two of the most fun things any kid could ask for: Nerf and Wii. Yes, it's a Nerf gun, so it can fire off soft darts at targets, cats, sisters, and things of that nature. But you can then pop out the dart compartment, pop in a Wiimote, and you've got a Wii gun for all your video game playing needs.

It's a brilliant combo, one that I would kill for if I was 13 years old. I'm sure it's going to sell like hotcakes, as what kid wouldn't want this? Once you're done playing video games, you can take out your aggression by shooting your buddies with foam darts, and vice versa. Seriously, this is great stuff, people. Get on board on the ground floor.

Kotaku, via Crave