Navisurfer II in-car PC: welcome functionality or security risk?

What would it take to get you to sacrifice your car stereo? How about a full computer that fits snugly into the vacant indash spot left by your stereo? The Navisurfer is just that, and it has an attractive 7-inch touchscreen that can display either vertically or horizontally. It can run a Windows operating system or Linux, and it plays games, music and GPS software, as well as tie into your car's systems and provide you with an exterior view like a backup camera — all with the appropriate attachments, of course.

The Navisurfer II comes in a variety of models with different amounts of memory and internal space, and prices vary from $575 to $650. While it could serve as a valuable nerve center to your vehicle, I know a few people who still pull their stereo out and lock it in the glove compartment. So, what do you think? Would having a unit like this in your vehicle really be asking for it?

Navisurfer II, via Technabob