A nutty idea: custom hand mixer for every peanut butter jar

If you ever buy all natural or store-ground peanut butter, you know that the fat likes to rise to the top so you have to stir the contents of the jar every time you open it. With that in mind, the inventors at th the R.N. Witmer company came up with a simple idea: peanut butter jar tops that contain churns and handles. This way you can mix up the peanut butter before you open the jar so that the oil doesn't splash all over the place.

Peanut Butter Hand Mixers may sound like an insane and unnecessary product, for every niche, there must be an invention, right? And though this looks like it would be pretty easy to make at home with a screwdriver and a piece of wire, are you actually going to take the time to attempt that? Instead, you can order one for $10 from the company to match your jar style of choice. Mmmmm...peanut butter.

R.N. Witmer, via Gourmet Magazine (print only)