Modular USB hub provides spare ports at home, on the road

Maybe I've been doing this too long, but there is something about simple innovation that brings the biggest smile to my face. It is particularly satisfying seeing a company take something as simple as a USB hub and innovate the hell out of it. This USB Hub-to-go demonstrates that.

It is a seven port modular USB hub for a workstation and to go. Plug all of the stationary gadgets like your printer, keyboard and mouse into the base station, then you can pop on another four port hub on top for those other gadgets like digital cameras, card readers, external hard drives and more. Then when you pack up your laptop, unplug the to-go miniature hub and toss it in your bag to keep the USB data flowing no matter your location. It's available for $40 from Amazon.

Hub-to-go, via Gadget Grid