Modu modular phone looks to revolutionize the gadget world

You may want to think twice before adding another gadget to your arsenal of electronic gear. Modu is a new cellphone concept design that is very real and could have very big implications on the consumer electronics world. Modu is a barebones cellphone. What makes it so special is the potential the phone has to be completely modified. No, it's not just about swapping out fashionable faceplates, but more about swapping out functionality.

A wide variety of "sleeves" or "jackets" are available to completely change the functionality of Modu. See some examples in the gallery below and think about how nice it would be to easily swap on a QWERTY keyboard, or GPS, or media player or anything else you could ever want to do with a handheld device.

Despite the pictures being renderings, don't start pouting yet. The device has a reported real release date of October 1 in Israel, Italy and Russia. It will cost around $300 and include two jackets. At launch there will be 10 jackets available to accessorize the Modu.

Via Crave UK