Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 and 7000 put their predecessors to shame

Damned if I didn't just buy a Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 v2.0 when the company rolls out a newer, upgraded Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 (pictured above left) that I'm lusting after right about now. Besides looking a lot more dressed up, this one's rechargeable, eliminating that annoying battery change every couple of months. It's Vista-friendly, too, and that little multicolor LED charge indicator just south of the scroll wheel looks way cool.

Microsoft also updated the Wireless Laser Mouse 6000, with the same colors and battery-packing power source of its predecessor sitting on my desk right here (and with which I was perfectly satisfied, by the way), but it has subtly hidden buttons and that swank LED light on board, a noticeable improvement. They'll both be available next month, with the 6000 costing $50 and the fancier 7000 retailing for $70. Ah, instant obsolescence. That's tech for ya.

Via Gizmodo