MAGNO Wooden Radio takes a nod from mother nature

Faux wood grain will be no more if MAGNO has anything to say about it. MAGNO wants to eliminate the fake look of wooden gadgets in favor of real wooden gadgets. The MAGNO Wooden Radio is essentially that, a radio made almost entirely out of sustainably grown wood.

The one interesting aspect of this $275 radio is the description on the product page. It says "The Magno radio combines the most current mp3 player compatible electronics with sustainably grown woods." What? So are you trying to say this beautiful work of wooden art has an iPod dock hidden somewhere? Or should the description really say "The Magno radio combines decades-old electronics with sustainably grown woods," because AM/FM radio is far from "most current"? Regardless of what all this radio does, it looks good and was made mostly from trees.

MAGNO Wooden Radio, via Uncrate