iWave Cube: The world's smallest Microwave oven

For me, microwave ovens are for popcorn and baked potatoes, but the iWave Cube wants a spot on your desk. The iWave Cube microwave is the size of a big tissue box, measuring 1 cubic foot, so while it will fit on your desk it won’t go unnoticed.

Why would you want a microwave that small? There are some reasons I can think of, such as reheating your morning coffee, but if I brought this to my office they’d fire my butt fast. Better uses for it might be to get some quick heat while tailgating, boating or even taking down your "roughing it" factor when you’re camping. The iWave has a handle to make it portable, but it's not light, weighing in at a portly 12 pounds. It's available now for $130 and comes in black, red or silver.