iCub robot, like a human child, is unsightly but deserving of love

Standing three feet tall and graced with a face only a robo-mother could love, the iCub is a fine simulation of a human child for researchers at the University of Plymouth in England. Robotics specialists there are planning a four year project that will have them working with language development experts in an effort to simulate how droolbags human children learn to speak from their parents, in an effort to produce improved artificial intelligence.

The project is known as Italk, or Integration and Transfer of Action and Language Knowledge, and the Univeristy of Plymouth won a bid equivalent to over nine million dollars to pursue it.

Angelo Cangelosi, a professor of artificial intelligence, told the BBC: "The outcome of the research will define the scientific and technological requirements for the design of humanoid robots able to develop complex behavioural, thinking and communication skills through individual and social learning."

BBC News, via Engadget, via Gizmo Watch