Hello Kitty Online is a potpourrrri of interactive fun

As much as I try to prevent pink, plastic toys from entering our house, that damn tooth fairy has been a cash cow lately, and my daughter’s toy collection is reaching critical mass. Extreme situations call for extreme measures, so I’m going to make a dangerous play this weekend and introduce her to Hello Kitty Online, a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with social networking components that allow players to interact with friends, and work together on projects such as building a house, or cultivating a garden. Players can also right-click characters in the game to check out their blogs and videos.

The beta version of Hello Kitty Online is now available for subscription, and is tied into other games and promotions at Sanrio Town. The Hello Kitty game activities seem to be aimed at both girls and boys – players can kill monsters and dig for ore in a mine, or cultivate more domestic skills such as cooking, tailoring, and making furniture. If any of these activities can lure my daughter away from all the hot Barbie action in her room, I’m game.

Via Inventor Spot