Head in the Game Xbox 360 controllers move the buttons to make you better

The folks over at Head in the Game Controllers love the Xbox 360, but they aren't as excited about the controller. The reason? You've got ten buttons on the controller and ten fingers on your hands, yet mysteriously most of your fingers simply hold the controller, leaving your thumbs to do all the work. So HG Controllers give your thumbs a break and put the extra buttons down the spine of the controller for your middle, ring and pinkie fingers, though whether or not you have the coordination to handle all that is another story.

Be ready to pay big for a boost in performance, though: $70-$90, depending on which layout you choose, which is more than the price of your standard Xbox 360 wireless controller. After all, you're not just paying for them to move some buttons around — they've got to make them work, too.

HG Controllers, via Slippery Brick