Hand-crank MP3 player is nearly green-overkill

The Eco Media Player is a gadget that may take the whole environmentalist movement a tad too far. This is the world's first crank-powered MP3 and video player. This is a play on the original crank-powered AM/FM radios that are an essential part of any survival kit. It does include an AM/FM radio and flashlight for survival kit purposes, but when the power is knocked out of my apartment complex, I don't think my 80's Jams playlist will do me any good.

The player can store up to 500 songs and includes SD expandability. Cranking the device for a minute produces 40 minutes worth of MP3 time. Easily, the most useful feature of this do-it-all green gadget is the mini-USB port so more important devices, like cellphones, can be charged from the Eco Media Player's hand-crank. It is available for $275.

Via Fareastgizmos