H2GO fuel cell-powered radio-controlled model car

Here's H2GO, the first fuel cell model car that you can actually steer. Toy maker Corgi teamed up with Horizon, the company that pioneered the concept last year with its uncontrollable H-Racer, a $99 fuel cell toy (now available) that's more science experiment than fun-filled diversion. That H-Racer's catch is that it doesn't really perform like a remote-control car because there's no steering unit — it just rolls around and you chase it. The H2GO fixes that. Hit Continue and take a look at the setup, along with more details.


Like the H-Racer, H2Go will run on a hybrid energy system consisting of a mini fuel cell refueling station that you fill with water. Teamed up with a solar charger, it miraculously powers the car. But there's a major addition: a remote controller to steer the Minority Report-looking car. Corgi and Horizon vow to roll out an entire line of clean energy toys like this, but we won't be seeing the first one until at least the end of this year.

Press Release, via Engadget