Graupner's RB1000 takes your robot addiction to the next level

A while back we introduced you to the i-Sobot — a relatively cheap humanoid robot. In addition to being cute as hell, the i-Sobot was equipped with 1 servos, bestowing it with some serious moves. That was all well and good, but we know you robot lovers have short attention spans, and by now you're longing for an upgrade.

Graupner Robotics' RB1000 just might be what you're looking for. Standing about a foot tall, the blue aluminum guy is bigger than the i-Sobot (which is about 6.5 inches) and bests it in the servo department, too, with 19. It weighs approximately 4 pounds, with two gyro sensors helping the 'bot stay upright while it moves around.

With the smooth-weaving arm flapping and knee-bending, the RB1000 is reminiscent of the i-Sobot, but its extra size should help it cross distances a bit faster. You'll pay for that speed, though — the kit costs $1,300. You can opt for the slightly cheaper RB2000 at $1,075, but you get only 13 servos. No one said feeding a robotics habit was cheap.

Browse the gallery of the RB1000 below and check out some video of it in action after the jump.

Via Graupner Robotics