Gon portable game console: Defending the screen above all else

Ever since gadgets became style statements, unsightly scratches went from annoying inconvenience to deal-breaker (remember the armored iPod nano?). The idea behind the Gon portable game console is to ensure your handheld's precious screen never gets defaced. No plastic adhesives or liquid restoration here — the Gon protects its screen with some simple sliding panels that open up to reveal the, uh, "cozy" screen when you're ready to throw down. As a bonus, the handheld looks damn hot.

But don't all concepts? Yeah, the Gon is aptly named since it doesn't actually exist outside the realm of Photoshop. I'm not too broken up about it — with the panels open, the handheld looks a bit too big for anyone used to a PSP. And considering my iPhone, which is pretty much all screen, has barely gotten a scratch since I got it last June, it seems to me advances in durability in portables have rendered this concept obsolete. Good try, though, guys… browse some more conceptual hotness in the gallery below.

Via Upwell Design