Goldmund's $16,900 Blu-ray DVD player: for people with cash to burn

One wonders how many Eidos 20 BD Blu-ray DVD players Goldmund plans to sell. Granted the company lives in the high-end-equipment space, but seriously folks, what’s up with the price? Yes, this is a very posh Blu-ray player with features that include an “AC-Curator” power supply, which supposedly improves picture and sound stability "dramatically." Plus it features "Mechanical Grounding" construction, removing from the player mechanism from spurious vibrations. Then there's the Goldmund "Magnetic Damper," a device lowering the reading errors. OK, nice technology, but $16,900?

Goldmund is taking orders on this luxury piece of gear, but will the buyers of the Eidos 20 BD ultimately be stuck with something they don't use? In just a few years, Blu-ray will mean nothing — we'll be downloading all our high-def.

Via Goldmund