Flower Power! Plastic potted plant turns to nightlight

Meet Bloom's Daylight "table lamp." Like this sun jar it collects energy during the day so that it can illuminate your room at night. In the morning the lamp looks like a potted plant— that flat "flower" on top holds a solar panel that spends the day collecting sun. When it's dark, just flip the plant over: it's shaped like a normal table lamp. The energy that the "plant" has been collecting all day is used to power the lamp's LED bulbs, which will burn from 2-40 hours, depending on how sunny it was.

The Daylight is waterproof for outdoor use, but also has a very sensitive solar panel so that it can charge when it's inside as well. Though you may be worried that the Daylight is just another concept lamp, it's actually available in Europe for $140. What a relief.

via Matteria