Fire Table looks more like a hard drive, campfire

Dutch designers Ward Huting and Gerard de Hoop are the duo behind the Fire Table. It may be a coffee table, but the Fire Table looks more like hard drive platters and a very contemporary campfire. An area in the middle of the coffee table houses a candle that provides the illumination that gives this coffee table a campfire-feel. The candle can also be used to keep tea, fondue or other foods or drinks warm.

Seeing the Fire Table made me realize that there's not enough unique and innovative coffee tables out there. And there is definitely not enough high-tech coffee tables. If you're anything like me, the coffee table is the center point of my life. It's the hangout spot, the work spot, the dinner spot, the lounging spot and not enough attention is paid to this important piece of furniture. Let's slow down with the toasters and put more attention elsewhere in the household.

Via Cool Hunting