Evolution vehicle equally at home on land, sea or air

This tiny single-seater can fly more than a mile into the wild blue at faster than 100 mph, but wait just a second here. There are no wings anywhere in sight. Wingless flying isn't all it can do, says its inventor, Russian parachute jumper Alexander Begak. His land/sea/air craft, which he calls "Evolution," is equally adept at navigating on land and even in the water. Adding one more wow factor is the thing's plastic construction, weighing in at a slight 130 pounds.

If things get too dangerous while flying this magic carpet high above the earth, there's a chute on board to lower your daredevil carcass back to terra firma. There's even a flotation device that saves you in a similar way while you're tempting fate on the water. Oh yeah, it's also able to zip around at 50mph on land. We're still not sure how that circular propeller housing/wing works, but the craft has reportedly "passed over 100 tests." It's all somehow done with computers, but we're wondering if smoke and mirrors might also be involved.

Pravda, via Gizmo Watch