Emotiv brain-scanning headset gets gamers all emotional

This neuro-headset by Emotiv will allow people to interact with video games using only their thoughts and emotions. I know what you're thinking — you've seen these before. The difference is, this one's actually going to go on sale to the public at the end of this year.

The headset is able to translate a variety of human responses into data a computer can use, from facial expressions to thought, and sends the information wirelessly to a USB dongle. Ideally, this means users will be able to command a battalion to attack in a strategy game, or have more engrossing interactions with virtual characters (in massively multiplayer games, for example) based on the player's expressed feelings.

At $299, it won't break the bank and you won't need a technician to help you use it. The amount of games that take advantage of Emotiv's technology will determine if this headset takes off, or ends up a fleeting novelty. Emotiv is also teaming up with IBM to look into business-minded solutions for the helmet.

BBC News, via Rocketboom