Drinkable art installation proves that modern art connoisseurs know how to party

I enjoy a lot of the modern art I encounter, although I really can't claim that I understand it on a very deep level. To be honest, when I listen to some critic spewing away about the artist's motivation or whatever, the pretense can get thick enough to cut with a knife.

That's why this installation in Dresden Germany by artist Hannes Broecker is so brilliant. Each wall frame is filled with a different adult beverage, and the varying colors create a display that any critic could no doubt wax rhapsodic about for days. The difference here though is that stacked in the middle of the gallery are glasses, and the visitor walks up to the various 'pictures' and fills their glass from a tap on the bottom. By the time the event is over, the frames are empty, although I'm sure the now toasted critics will still find plenty to admire.

The Cool Hunter, via MAKE