iView, a curved iMac as future fantasy

Someday, when curved organic LEDs (OLED) are cheap enough, an arc-shaped iMac will actually be possible (to give you an idea, a 11-inch non-curved OLED screen costs $2500 today). Until then, we’ll have to settle for iView, a design concept by Nuno Teixiera with a screen he describes as “giant.” Its curved surface is said to conform naturally to the curvature of the human eye, and if it’s big enough, it’s sure to make you feel almost claustrophobic as it envelops you inside its gently curving façade.

This is sure one great-looking mockup, and we especially like that little slot on the side to store the remote control, and smile at the uselessness of the screen on the back of the thing. The idea of that is to devote a second display to whomever sits behind your Mac all day, and yes, there’s a second webcam for that obverse desk lurker as well. Nice dream, Nuno, and we look forward to its ship date, maybe sometime before man lands on Mars.

CrunchGear, via Yanko Design