CNN's Magic Wall brings "tomorrow" to today's election

CNN's been trailing Fox News in ratings for years now— how can it gain viewers on an important day like Super Tuesday? By imitating Minority Report, of course. Recently the cable news network introduced what it calls the Magic Wall, basically a large screen with a multi-touch interface like the one Tom Cruise uses in the movie. It's also similar to an iPhone screen or MacBook Air touchpad made large. Tonight you can watch the wall in action as anchors pull up election graphs and statistics and then push them aside in favor of red and blue state maps.

The Magic Wall is CNN's name for its Multi-Touch Collaboration Wall, marketed by Perceptive Pixel. A basic model costs $100,000— CNN's tricked-out version probably cost thousands more. So it's not quite affordable enough to replace local news weather maps.

Tonight, if you want to watch yelling as the results come in, tune in to Bill O'Reilly. If you prefer awesome technology being used by people who aren't quite sure how to operate it, go to CNN.

Via The Washington Post