Bomb fish tank makes your fish battle-hardened

If you're going to get a fish tank for your home, you might as well get one that is totally awesome and shaped like a bomb. That's exactly what this MK-84 Aqua Bomb Fish Tank is: a completely self contained fish tank that looks like it should be dropped out of an airplane during wartime.

Made from components of a real MK-84 bomb, this 6-and-a-half-foot-tall specimen of awesomeness is both decoration and military history. When not full of fish, this type of bomb could "make a crater 50 foot wide 40 foot deep in the surface of your choice, after piercing 11 feet of concrete." Now that's a fish tank! You can get one of your very own for a mere $3,950 in your choice of seven colors.

Product Page, via BornRich