Bike-mounted MP3 amplifier isn't annoying, at all

Wait a second, hold the phone. Now, not only do I haven't to deal with every Bob and Joe blasting music from their run-down Taurus, but now I have to listen to it from all of the bicyclers as well? Just terrific! This bicycle MP3 amplifier is what is contributing to the relentless noise on the streets. It it a pouch that attached easily to your handlebars. It is a set of stereo speakers and includes a storage area for an MP3 player with a 3.5mm auxiliary input so any type of audio player can be used. It is powered by a couple AA batteries and is available for roughly $30. If there is one good thing, it can protect the MP3 player from rain or other moisture, which compensates for the fact that you are riding your bike in the rain. Now get a car already.

Bicycle MP3 Amp with Stereo Speakers, via GeekAlerts