AquaFit 19DT, a versatile pool for exercising, swimming and relaxing

Settle back in the AquaFit 19DT for a relaxing soak in its hot tub, or mosey on over to its other side for a vigorous aquatic workout. It 's so versatile, you can either outfit it with the exercise apparatus you see here or move all that paraphernalia out of the way to swim a few quick stationary laps against three forceful water jets powered by a 5hp jet pump. Let's take a look at another pic and more details:


The $40,000 (not including installation) 19-foot pool holds 1730 gallons of water that can be heated on the spa side and cooled a bit for your workout on the swimming side. At a depth of just over four feet, it's roomy enough for some challenging water-resistant exercise, and the hot tub is equipped with tri-color LEDs and its own adjustable water jets for some serious relaxing. Mount a waterproof HDTV on the wall, and you're all set.

Aquatic Fitness Systems, via Born Rich