Apple pumps up the gigabytes in iPhone and iPod Touch; 256GB iPhone by 2010?

Considering both the iPhone and iPod Touch are great devices to watch video on, they need all the memory they can get. After all, what good is a PVP if you can’t fit all three seasons of Lost on it? Good thing, then, that Apple just came out with new versions of each that double up on the previous generation. The iPhone now comes in a 16GB size, and the new Touch gets 32GB. Both cost $499.

When the iPhone made its splash debut last June, it maxed out at 8GB. Roughly 7 or 8 months later, it’s now 16GB. Looking into the DVICE crystal ball, let’s extrapolate what the capacity of the iPhone could be in the coming months (speculation in bold):

  • June 2007: 8GB
  • February 2008: 16GB
  • September 2008: 32GB
  • May 2009: 64GB
  • December 2009: 128GB
  • September 2010: 256GB

Dude, by the time John McCain or Barack Obama is well into his first term (just a little Super Tuesday prediction for you politicos out there), your iPhone just might hold more media than a TiVo. Sucks it’ll still be shackled to AT&T, though.

Apple, via Engadget