Amandana Portable DVD Player offered for rich retro fetishists

One of my favorite Japanese brands, next to the recently embattled Sony, is the Harajuku based Amadana. The company's ability to seamlessly merge retro style with modern technology consistently evokes real-life images of "The Jetsons." The latest must-have gadget from the house of Amandana is their ultra slick Portable DVD Player. Covered in laminated bamboo, the unit features a 10 inch-wide LCD active matrix display boasting 1,150,000 pixels fronted by a shiny black base highlighted by strategically placed starship-blue touch panel controls. In world of cheap Wal-Mart Blu-Ray players, at 134,400 yen ($1,253) this Amandana device is only for the those who can afford to upgrade every three months.

Via Amandana