Accelerate sofa: Piloting your relaxation

There's no question that we like to go fast. Even when we're just sitting still, we prefer to do it with some speed. Sound like a contradiction? Not if you have yourself an Accelerate sofa, crafted to mimic the smooth lines of a jet plane. Gorgeously modern, with enough room to stretch out on the "wing," the couch has storage space in each engine-shaped armrest for your magazines, DVDs or even a subwoofer. Just be sure to be careful taking things out as objects may have shifted during flight.

As much as we like Phillips Grass's dynamic design, it doesn't look like its available since it's described as a "digital" prototype, being "thought" with a structure of polyester resin, upholstered with polyurethane foam and white leather. It looks and sounds amazing, though; hopefully some resourceful manufacturer will start making them by the truckload. We're thinking Boeing…?

Phillip Grass Furniture Design, via Design Spotter