9 handmade iPod cases to help you stand out from the crowd

It's a good idea to get a case for your iPod to protect it from getting all scratched up in your pocket or bag. But why settle for some generic case that everybody else is buying from the Apple Store or Best Buy when you can have a unique, handmade creation that'll really give your iPod some personality? We took a look through Etsy's huge selection of handmade iPod cases and selected 9 that we think are the cream of the crop. So come on in, take a look around, and get ready to make your iPod a little bit more unique.

1. Kaftan iPod Video Case: This case is designed and made in Istanbul, made to look like a genuine Turkish rug.
2. iPod Classic Turntablism Case: This vinyl case features a little record player on one side and a clear window on the other, letting you see the screen while your iPod is in the case.
3. Charcoal Industrial Wool Felt Case: Made from industrial wool felt, this case protects your iPod while also giving it a unique texture. It's got a slot on the bottom for plugging in your iPod and charging it while it's in the case.
4. Peep iPod Sock in Electric Blue: This stretchy, bright case will ensure that you're always able to find your iPod at the bottom of your bag. The stretchy material ensures that it'll fit every model of iPod.
5. Patchwork iPod Case: This is as handmade looking as it gets. Made from vintage quilt tops, it's got a homey, antique look to it, and every one is different.
6. Knitted, Felted, Embroidered and Lined iPod Cozy: If you're going for softness, you can't really beat this iPod case, which is "handknit with 100% wool from one of Canada’s oldest woolen mills." It even has a bonus flower on the front for extra emasculation.
Bear with Flower iPod Case: If adorable is what you're looking for, you can't get much cuter than this case. Hand-crocheted with little googly eyes, it's perfect for you or the kid in your life. It has a vinyl window on the back so you can see the screen without removing the iPod.
8. The Origami iPod Pouch: This case is made from 4mm foam and has no glue or stitching whatsoever. It's held together with "traditional origami technique," which is more than you can say for pretty much every other case out there.
9. Camo Cassette Tape iPod Cozy: This case combines a crafty version of the old cassette tape with a camo pattern, just in case you're feeling retro in the middle of the jungle at wartime.