60 second charcoal starter makes summer fun less frustrating

The summer is a fantastic time of the year. One of the very few downsides to the summer has to be the good old charcoal grill. Sure, meat cooked on a charcoal grill is much better than propane, but lighting the charcoal is a giant pain in the rear. This charcoal starter from Hammacher Schlemmer uses some pretty advanced technology to get the coals-a-blazing quickly and efficiently. Rather than using gallons upon gallons of lighter fluid like previous methods, this charcoal starter uses hot air. It emits air at 1,290 degrees Fahrenheit. You bury the wand-like device into the coal and push the button to emit the heat. Upon the charcoal sparking you remove the wand from the coals but continue to direct the hot air to get the fire blazing. You may want to invest in an extension cord as well because this device requires an AC wall outlet. It's available for $80, which is well worth it after the frustrations you will avoid this summer. Now, who wants ribs?

60 Second Charcoal Starter, via Uber-Review