$15,000 mechanical dragonfly doesn't fly, but doesn't need to

It may not be as fun as some of the mechanical dragonflies we've featured in the past, but the Anax Imperator Machina, or The Emperor Dragonfly Machine, is a heck of a lot prettier. This to-scale dragonfly includes hand-crafted mechanics made of 14-karat gold that allows the wings to flutter. It can't actually fly, but you wouldn't want this work of art crashing to the ground anyway.

The eyes are made of blue topaz gems, and the tail includes an amethyst. Jesse Danger, the designer of the Emperor Dragonfly, says it was inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical drawings and creations. The body of the dragonfly is constructed out of Argentium silver, but personally I'd prefer a little more copper so it would have a steampunk feel to it.

The Emperor Dragonfly Machine, via Born Rich