Top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time featuring technology

The Super Bowl, that pageant of 63 advertisements with a football game hidden somewhere within, has become an incubator of commercial creativity. Many of the most popular spots have something to do with animals, but we're more interested in devices, gadgets, machinery and technology. So we combed through Super Bowl commercials that have been aired since the game's inception in 1967, looking for the best tech-related spots of all time. These are not oldy-moldy clips, though — in fact, one of our picks was the best Super Bowl spot of this year's game. Hit Continue and enjoy a blend of the classic and the brand new, the best of the best, especially if DVICEs are your vice.

10. Xerox Monks (1976)

When Xerox rolled out this Super Bowl spot in 1976, most of the other commercials were hard-sell voice-overs or demonstrations. This clever classic shows a hint of what was to come in the Super Bowl ad arena.

9. GM Robot (2007)

Taking a cue or two from that groundbreaking Pixar animation of a lamp with personality, we all feel bad for this poor little mistake-prone GM robot.

8. Bud Apology Robot (2007)
This one was banned for its off-color humor. Implausible scenario, yes, but it's still funny enough to make our list.

7. FedEx Carrier Pigeons (2008)

Nah, pigeons aren't high-tech devices, but this year's spot featuring birds of various sizes with their GPS navigation capabilities and night vision goggles qualified them for our Top 10.

6. Master Lock (1974)

Here's the first classic Super Bowl ad from Master Lock that started a 21-year run of commercials using the concept. Sure, they're in that old demonstration-style format, but hey, the guy's shooting a high-powered rifle, blowing up stuff and making lots of noise. It caught our attention with its violence and effectiveness.

5. Sony's Trip (2003)

If an old dude like this can blast into space, surely you and I can, right? We'd probably not be carrying a Sony camcorder with us, though — make ours a Canon HD shooter, please.

4. Bud Robo Bash (2002)

There's something profoundly satisfying about the ending of this hilarious spot.

3. "When I Grow Up" (1999)

Of all the dot-com spots of the late 90s-early 00s, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It's our emotional fave of all time.

2. Apple Macintosh (1984)

Yeah, you knew we were going to include this one, created by Blade Runner director Ridley Scott and changing the world of Super Bowl ads from mere commercials into works of art. This spot aired just once. It made ambitious companies re-think what they were doing with Super Bowl production budgets, deciding to spend even more money on artful custom spots than on the pricey airtime they would occupy.

1. Coca-Cola Happiness Factory (2007)

This entire commercial (see the longer theatrical version here) is one big gadget, tracing a coin dropped into a vending machine through a wonderland of other-worldly delights. Who knew all this went on inside a vending machine? Simply beautiful.