Willing to risk your data on the STYSEN E08 RFID HDD enclosure?

For a little under $60, the STYSEN enclosure adds RFID security to any hard drive — though the drive's not included. And the security it adds? Well, maybe it's a bit too much.

So you've got an RFID-enabled enclosure and two RFID sensors on keychains to sync up with it. Any time you want to access your data, flash it with a sensor. But what if you lose one? Well, you got a backup. Lose the backup? You're in trouble, my friend.

From the FAQ on the Brando wesbite: "...we cannot provide the third one if you lost both of them. Your data will be locked in the hard drive and is unable to access..." It's recommended that if you lose the first, you exhaustively backup your data to make sure you're never locked out. On what, another RFID-enclosed drive? What's more, if the drive is ever separated from the kit, there's a measure in place so the drive will reformat itself, erasing all of your data.

The bottom line: The STYSEN E08 RFID Security 2.5 Inch HDD Enclosure is a solid way to keep your oh-so-important files for your eyes only on the cheap, but it's draconian data locking/erasing measures keep it from being both tamper-proof and, worse, fool-proof.

Brando, via Everything USB