Web browser teleprompter helps you deliver stump speech from anywhere

CuePrompter.com is a free teleprompter service website. I bet you never thought you'd need one of those. But think about it: if you have a speech written up on your computer, you could read it from a Word document or you could paste it into CuePrompter and have the website translate your speech into large white (sans-serif) type on a black screen and scroll it slowly before your eyes.

The speed and font size are adjustable, but we thought the default settings were pretty good on their own in our practice run with the service. CuePrompter is free for both commercial and non-commercial users, which means that it can be useful for your son's student council campaign, for your board meeting speech, or for any of the current Presidential candidates when they visit local diners and ice-fishing derbies.

CuePrompter, via The Red Ferret Journal