U.K. deploying army of underwater robots to protect Gulf

The United Kingdom is taking extreme measures to ensure that the Gulf Stream stays protected. The measures feel a little fictional, but alas, true. An army of underwater robots will be monitoring the Gulf Stream between the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocca all the way to Florida.

The purpose of the robots is the monitor (and not dance with) the Gulf Stream looking for signs of a collapse. Sound familiar? It should, this was a similar plot line that happened in the movie The Day After Tomorrow. The U.K. has vested interest because the highly unlikely sudden collapse of the Gulf Stream would send Britain and other areas into practically an ice age.

Now what would be really epic is if these underwater robots battled the sharks for the ultimate dominance of the Atlantic ocean. Robots versus sharks? That's almost as good as pirates versus ninjas.

Via Treehugger