Trev is the tiny Australian three-wheeled car of the future

Students at the University of South Australia have spent several years developing an environmentally friendly car that they call Trev: it's meant to be the ideal commuter vehicle. Trev is fully electric vehicle that uses 1/5 the energy of a conventional car. It weighs only 595 pounds, has two tandem seats, and can drive 93 city miles without having to be recharged.

The creators explain that the car only has two seats because more than 90% of urban trips are made with one or two people in the car. And since Trev's speed tops out at 75 miles per hour, it is pretty much limited to urban trips. Nevertheless, we hope that the students are able to advance their project beyond prototype stage: we bet it will happen long before this Hummer ever sees the light of day.

Trev, via Treehugger