Traveler 350 revives the oldie, but goodie, the trackball

Trackballs are a peculiar gadget. Back in the 90s they were all of the rage. I still remember that big, red trackballs that many people would have and swear by. Flash forward a decade later and the trackball is all but extinct, at least until now. Peripheral manufacturer Genius, is trying to resurrect the trackball with the Traveler 350, a small traveling version of the trackball.

What makes the 350 especially interesting is the clip-on functionality. Clipping it on is great for using in very cramped or awkward places like in an airplane or without a table or any sort. The vast number of buttons does seem to make the Traveler 350 seem a bit overkill, but it is nice to see the trackball trying to make its triumphant return in one form or another.

Traveler 350, via Gadgetizer