Toys we wish did more: Robby the Robot with Altair-IV Transporter

At first glance, we've got a winning combo here: Robby the Robot, one of the most famous 'bots around, and his robo-chariot from the science fiction classic, Forbidden Planet. The transport helped Robby ferry characters from the flick to and from Dr. Morbius's ominous lab on the planet Altair-IV, and here it's been faithfully reconstructed down to the goofy domed windshields that never caught on in the auto industry. Robby is fully poseable, stands seven inches tall, and fits comfortably at the head of the 11-inches-long transporter, which has opening and closing doors. Still, the set doesn't do anything to rise above the title of "collectible."

At its already pricey $145, we'd be willing to shell out a bit more for a more complex getup. Robby is a prolific actor as far as robots go, and we'd love to hear some of his lines. The transporter, too, begs to be remote controlled. Maybe you're cool with the idea, but we think it's a cryin' shame that such a detailed rendition of a sci-fi classic will just sit on a shelf.

Via Robotoys