The Warrior Wear Integrated Tourniquet System stops bleeding in a jiffy

Pants and shirts using the Warrior Wear Integrated Tourniquet System by Blackhawk Products Group, a supplier of military and law enforcement gear, enable the wearer to automatically cut of blood flow to any wound with one hand. Warrior Wear features four tourniquets placed along the legs and sleeves (or two for short-sleeved clothing), and, once deployed, can help minimize an individual's blood loss quickly and effectively until he receives proper care.

Obviously this would be beneficial to medics and soldiers alike: it would save the medic time, and the soldier could do it himself if no medic is around. The major downside to using a tourniquet is that if left on too long, the limb it cuts off from blood usually has to be amputated.

Warrior Wear Integrated Tourniquet System clothing is priced at $200.

Blackhawk, via Crave