The Sensory Lamp nurtures a garden of grass (the boring kind)

So, on one hand, grass is pretty lame. Yet, on the other, it's a low stress form of vegetation that won't demand too much from you and, when arrayed as artfully as it is with the Sensory Lamp, it can be oddly attractive. The idea behind the Sensory Lamp is that you'll be happier in the presence of something living that you nurture yourself, and the lighting extension features a bunch of different colored nubs that mimic both natural light and soothing colors. Both sight and smell are stimulated by the Sensory Lamp and, well, as long as no one's looking we suppose taste could be tossed in there as well.

The Sensory Lamp is a concept by designer Sara Rossbach, a student of environmental and industrial design at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.

Sara Rossbach, via Kontrast