Sony Ericsson provides long-overdue innovation

It's only taken a couple decades, but a mobile manufacturer has finally decided to try to mainstream the cellphone and AM/FM radio combination. Sure, there's been cellphones in the fast that include some gimpy FM radio, and there has been cellphones with some pretty gimpy hybrid speakers and speakerphone features, but these latest designs from Sony Ericsson seem to be taking the AM/FM radio and cellphone conundrum seriously. Set for a launch in India, unfortunately, this mobile phone looks like a real AM/FM radio, but it also includes functionality as a mobile phones with even more great features like Bluetooth, a camera and more. Not only does it appear to function like a champ across all levels, this player looks pretty snazzy as well. Good job, Sony Ericsson, way to take innovation and run with it (even if you are a bit late)!

Via Crave