Smartest. Alarm clock. Ever.

There's a pretty basic design flaw with pretty much every alarm clock ever: it's sideways. I mean, it's sideways when you're looking at it while lying down. Sure, it's level with the ground, but when you're in bed, you're not looking at it from that angle. It's amazing it took so long for someone to design an alarm clock that takes into account the fact that you're lying down while looking at it.

But that's just what Greg Wolos did with his Emily clock. Designed to be mounted on the wall, it'll read just perfectly while you're lying down with your head on the pillow. Sure, it'll be a pain to mount it to your wall, but just think of the precious groggy seconds it'll save you every morning as you try to realize just what ungodly time it is that you're being forced to wake up at.

Via Moco Loco