Scarab shaped mouse made from stainless steel

Leave it to the creative and ingenious to find ways to take boring everyday gadgets and turn them into something fancy and spectacular. Take the ho-hum plastic optical mouse; introduce it to a clever case modder who's willing to put in the time and energy, and the result is the stainless steel mouse.

Going by the online handle Filimon, the steampunk-ish mouse was modeled from the Microsoft Optical IntelliMouse that was stripped of 90% of its parts and rebuilt using hand-crafted stainless steel parts. Over the process of eight months, each component from the USB connection to scrollwheel to the entire framework was replaced. But if you're looking to pick one of these up from the local computer store, you're out of luck, as this is a one of a kind.

Gideon Tech, via Boing Boing