Room Wizard makes those daily meetings all that more painful

Trying to find a meeting room for the daily "brainstorming" can be a giant pain in the ass, I know, I spent my time in the corporate world. The email chains and trying to sign up for a room only to find out it is already taken, or the room has already been demolished are just a few examples of how meeting-room-finding can go wrong. The Room Wizard is an easy answer to the meeting-room conundrum.

This gadget sits at the door of a room and includes a complete, miniature computer that comes loaded with its own Room Wizard scheduling software. In a way it should be able to eliminate a job of the office assistant, coffee wrangler and meeting organizer — well, maybe not coffee wrangler, it's not that smart.

The Room Wizard connects to the network and can sync up with Lotus Notes or the Microsoft Exchange Server to keep track of the meetings already arranged. Big red and green lights can also easily notify individuals if a meeting is taking place. Being organized isn't cheap. The Room Wizard begins at $2,000.

Via BornRich