RC Airbus A380, a giant flying model of the world's largest passenger aircraft

If you didn't see the guy standing next to this scale model Airbus A380 in this video, you'd think it was the real thing. The massive radio-controlled airplane could hardly be called miniature with its 18-foot wingspan and four powerful jet turbine engines lifting its 150-lb weight as if it were made of balsa wood, but it's a whole lot smaller than the full-sized plane that just went into service around the world.

Even though some people might call it a toy, flying a model aircraft like this is serious business. Each of its turbine engines costs between $3000 and $4000, and the plane is big enough to cause some serious damage if it flies out of control. Check out this plane's-eye view of a flight, shot with a fuselage-mounted video camera, as well as an additional video of another RC Airbus A380 takeoff and landing:

Daily Stash, Metacafe and YouTube