Puma's Glow Rider turns night cycling into safe journeys

If you're worried about getting slammed by some distracted driver while riding your bike in the dark, Puma's Glow Rider should put those fears at ease. Part of the shoe company's Urban Mobility line — athletic products and programs for the city dweller — the Glow Rider gets its name from the steel frame. The frame's glowing paint sucks up sunlight during the day and lets it loose after the sun sets, turning your ride into a beacon of safety, not to mention making it easier to find in the garage.

Two big bonus features: The Glow Rider, made by Biomega, has a "partially" folding design that makes it easier to lug up to your fourth-floor walkup, plus the down-tube part of the frame is actually a detachable wire that doubles as a lock. Which means if anyone tries to steal your bike, they'll have to bust it in the process.

The Glow Rider is coming this spring at a price yet to be determined, though if Puma's current Urban Mobility bike provides any guidance, it'll be at least $1,600. Get a closeup of all the glowing goodness in the gallery below.

Puma Urban Mobility, via Gotta Eat