Protect yourself: the Wi Vision is no Wii

If you're on the hunt for a Nintendo Wii, be careful that you're paying attention; there are plenty of people out there trying to get your hard-earned cash without actually delivering a fun-filled Wii to you.

So if you seomthing like this Wi Vision in stores, don't buy it. First, note that there's only one I in Wi, not two as in Wii. Second, note that it looks nothing like the Wii, being a black box with normal looking controllers rather than a white box with Wiimotes. Third, notice that it just plays old NES games, not new Wii games like Wii Sports or Super Mario Galaxy. So yes, while it might be confusing, just try to use your natural smarts to avoid being ripped off by tricky fakers like the Wi Vision.

Via Ubergizmo