Pioneer Pro DJ line-up evolves the music disc jockey

Sure, CES may be in the books, but the National Association of Music Merchants is going on now and Pioneer was ready to bring a new line of products to the table that is contributing to the ever-evolving world of being a DJ. We've seen the DJ world transform from lugging around crates of records, to iPods, to laptops and now the Pro DJ line-up from Pioneer is ready to change things up again. The MEP-7000 is one of the products unveiled today at NAMM. It has a center 4.3-inch LCD screen that acts as the center hub and command center. Two OLED screens help with the functionality of the DVD mixer with pitch, playback and position information.

In addition to the nice command center feel of the MEP-7000, it has dual DVD drives and USB adapters that allow everything from MP3 players to flash drives to hard drives to be plugged in. Plugging a PC into the unit also expands the command center ability of the MEP-7000 onto the PC and will cooperate with other software suites.

The MEP-7000 has a $2,300 price tag, which may seem like quite a bit. But when you realize it is an all-in-one unit it makes more sense. You could push the $2,000 price point easily with the variety of components all being put together.

Press Release, via Electronista