Photon Light Boards make every wipeout a beautiful spectacle

Next time you find yourself crumpled at the bottom of a staircase after trying to turn a 360 pivot into an ollie kickflip or what have you, wait for the ambulance in style, awash with the soothing glow of a Photon Light Board.

All the boards have highly customizable lighting patterns with a large variety of colors to choose from. Ring your board with LEDs, add drop lighting, or even little skateboard headlights. Each Photon Light Board has around 30 or so lights, such as the Phantom Boards, which are studded with a single color, and the Interceptor, which has red and white head and tail lighting.

For just the board, you're looking at around $110 to $120, though for $200 you get the full setup. You don't have to worry about everything blacking out in the middle of your best trick, either, as it's all rechargeable.

Photon Light Boards, via Geekologie